Cavity Risk Assessment

Have you ever wondered how you can get rid of cavities for a lifetime? Do you want to stop the “drill and fill” cycle you had all your life?

Many people visit the dentist often being told they should brush and floss more.  They see their hygienist and often feel bad at the end of the visit because they were told, “You should’ve visited us sooner.”  Well, if you could’ve you would’ve, but that’s not why your there.

While some of this advice stems partially from facts, some are simply not true. Cavities are caused by bacteria imbalance in the oral environment.  For the most part, the individuals’ oral environment equilibrium is maintained by the body’s immune system.  Factors that may affect the body’s immune system can be related most notably to dietary habits, nutritional habits, and genetics.

A Cavities Risk Assessment is a diagnostics tool used to identify risk factors that may increase your susceptibility for cavities also known as decay.  During this visit, your saliva will be tested painlessly by swabbing a sample of bacteria on your teeth.  This can tell us if you have a bacterial imbalance that can contribute to your risk of developing a cavity.  Included in this assessment, we also evaluate your saliva for the protective factors necessary to keep cavities at bay.

Once we identify the risk and protective factors, we can then begin to create the strategies necessary to mitigate and eliminate the risk of cavities for life.

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