Patient Journeys

Each patient that arrives at out office have their own set of unique problems and goals. We do our best to cater and communicate a plan that not only will ensure they reach that goal, but will retain that state for many years to come.

Sarah Lutz

When I first came to Dr. Cournot’s practice, I had bridgework that had been done 22 years ago. I had been living with constant anxiety over how old they were and all the complications that could come from that. I was also very afraid of committing to major dental work.  Dr. Cournot gently persuaded me, over a number of years, that is was necessary for the health of my mouth but that I could also look and feel a lot better. It was a long procedure but Dr. Cournot and her team are all very caring and professional and made it all as pain and anxiety free as possible.

I now feel fantastic and never worry about my teeth falling out in a restaurant or while traveling. Most importantly, my teeth and gums have never been healthier and I am no longer afraid of dental work! For that I am very grateful.

Jeff Wax

Erick Bergquist

When I met Drs. Lee and Cournot, my dental situation was a full-on crisis. I had chipped two of my front teeth in half and the other ones were so withered by years of smoking and drinking acidic beverages that you couldn’t even see them when I smiled.

The journey to dental redemption was long arduous, but Dr. Lee stuck by me and the end result was nothing short of a miracle. I now have an enormous, brilliant smile that erupts from my mouth and has garnered me praise from everyone from my family and friends to girlfriends and dates. In sum, a couple years later I am a very satisfied customer.

Pat Maddi